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Helsinki Timetables The name of the application
Bus Helsinki Timetables main View
Trip directions for %s Helsinki Timetables All directions for trip
All trips for %s Helsinki Timetables All trips for
All stations of %s line %s Helsinki Timetables
Timetable for trip %s, station %s Helsinki Timetables
All stations of the one trip %s Timetables Helsinki
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Welcome to Helsinki Timetables! Wizard's header
Welcome to Helsinki Timetables! This wizard will help you to start using this application. Welcome message in wizard
Firstly, you need to load the database with all Helsinki routes times. Please, select the way you prefer to download the data: Helsinki Timetables Tutorial import data
Let the application downloads database by itself.

You may download the database by yourself and put it on the SD card.

Import data method Second wizard's view header
Importing Third wizard's view header
Downloaded: Helsinki Timetables: downloaded
Request metadata... Helsinki Timetables importing log
Disc space...
Importing is finished successfully. You can continue using the application.
Import ends with errors. Importing failed.
You have chosen to import database automatically. Helsinki Timetables Start importing
Application will download the database by itself. Please, make sure, that your phone is connected to the WiFi network or unlimited mobile internet, because database is quite big and downloading will cause the high network traffic.
Information about available database.
Timetables from:
Database size:
Warning! The current database may contain both summer and winter timetables. It is recommended to update your database on the next week.
Can't retrieve the database information. Please check the Internet connection
Start importing

You have chosen to import database manually. It means, that you will download the file from site by yourself and will pull it to the SD card. Please, visit the and follow instructions.

Don't forget to use our widget! Firstly, you should create a new bookmarks before, then add it to your desktop.  
Wizard is finished. View header


Now you may use the Helsinki Timetables application every day.

Good luck!


Wizard is finished.

When you press button "Finish" the application will exit. Then you should to put the database file to the SD-card and on the next start up the application will perform it for you and then you may use it every day.

Good luck!

Making the query Helsinki Timetables Processing dialog making process
Mon-Fri Monday-Friday
Sat Saturnday
Sun Sunday
Extracting... Helsinki Timetables Dialog processing extract archive
Found database in folder "hsl". Please, wait while the application extracts the files. It may take some time.
Sorry, extracting process ended with error (fail during extract operation). Helsinki Timetables Dialog: Extraction error. Do you want to delete file?
Sorry, extracting process ended with error (fail during file opening).
Do you want to delete the corrupted file from the SD-card?
Archive was extracted successfully.  
Type to search Helsinki Timetables hing textfield type to search
All possible trips for station %s Helsinki Timetables search station public transport
Add new bookmark Helsinki Timetables menu add and delete delete
Set custom name for bookmark:
Set custom image, associated with this bookmark:
You still don't have any bookmarks. To add this, please, choose "Add Bookmarks" from menu or press the button below. Helsinki Timetables you don't have any bookmatks. Add new one
Delete the bookmark %s?
You don't have any bookmarks saved. Please go to the HSL application and create new one. Helsinki Timetables widget. There is no any bookmarks saved
There are no trips for this bookmark at this moment. Helsinki Timetables Widget Empty bookmark

Database is corrupted. This error may occur, if database was downloaded incorrectly or your SD-card is damaged. Try to manually remove database file and upload it to SD-card once again. Instruction you find here:

Database file is absent Error message
SD-card is not mounted  
Can't open database  
Error in SQL  
You are going to interrupt the import. The downloaded file will be removed. Are you sure? Helsinki Timetables interrupting confirmation